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People's Porch

The People’s Porch is a community gathering and event space in Enderly Park. The West Side Community Land Trust in partnership with the UNCC school of Architecture and AIA built the People’s Porch in response to the community’s needs and requests for a communal space.

Operating Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 8pm

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People's Porch - West Side CLT
People's Porch - West Side CLT
People's Porch - West Side CLT
People's Porch - West Side CLT
People's Porch - West Side CLT

Send Your Booking Request

Please answer the following questions to request booking our community space for your event. 

Thank you for submitting your interest. We will contact you back soon.




Memberships/Member Access

  • Only West Side CLT members can reserve the People’s Porch for events, meetings, and gatherings.  Membership privileges include use of all People’s Porch activity areas, meeting and public spaces.

  • Membership for the West Side CLT is annual and membership payment amounts vary based on residency.   

    • $20/year for Resident Members: Individuals who currently reside in zip codes  28216, 28208, 28214 or 28217 

    • $50/year for Non-Resident Members: Individuals who do not currently reside in any of the West Side zip codes 

    • $150/year for Businesses and Organizations: Any business entity, group or organization joining the West Side CLT as a collective 

    • Membership payments can be made online at 

  • A $100.00 refundable deposit is required to reserve the space for all groups and individuals

  • The full deposit amount is due within 48-hours of your event’s approval

  • Patrons (non-residents or non-members) must be at least 18 years of age to utilize the People’s Porch. Patrons 17 years old and younger must have direct adult supervision at all times in all areas of the space. 



  • Reservation of the People’s Porch requires completion and submission of an online reservation request form and is required of all organizations/groups/individuals.

  • All reservation requests for  the use of the People’s Porch must be approved by the West Side CLT Director of Community Outreach 

  • You will receive notification of the confirmation or denial of your reservation request within 72 hours of submitting your request. Please allow the 72-hour window to receive your request before submitting any follow-up communication. 

  • Event reservations will be on a first come, first serve basis. However, in the event of a conflicting date request, priority will be given to residents and/or resident members of Enderly Park. 

  • Event Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance at max and at least 14 days in advance, minimum. 

  • Time allotments: The People’s Porch can be reserved by a single individual, group or organization for a time allotment maximum of 4-hours. This includes any time that may be needed for setup and breakdown. 

    • If your event requires more than the 4-hour time frame, you will need to submit two event request forms for the same day.   

  • Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit of $100 is required to reserve the People’s Porch for members. The full security deposit amount is required within 48-hours of your event’s approval to secure your spot. 

  • Insurance: Organizations will be required to provide proof of insurance prior to the event 

    • Individuals will need to go through to provide liability insurance for the event 

  • Liability Waiver: If individuals decline to purchase event insurance, they will be required to sign a liability waiver. 

  • The People’s Porch is a dry communal space. This means that the use/sale/distribution of drugs or alcohol on the property is prohibited. Guests found to be in violation of this policy will forfeit their security deposit and may be subject to other penalties.  

  • At maximum capacity, the People’s Porch can accommodate 75 people

  • All animals brought onto the property must be on a leash. All animal waste must be properly disposed of by the owner. Animal waste left behind may result in  forfeiture of deposit. 

  • Unless previously arranged, events/vendors will not be permitted to store equipment or supplies overnight, outside of the duration of their reservation.


Damages and Clean Up/Trash Removal

The organization or individual reserving the space assumes all responsibility for damage to the People’s Porch property and for leaving the premises in the same condition in which it was found. 

  • Organizations and individuals are responsible to dispose of their own trash in dumpsters located around the premises. All trash, food items, event decor, etc. must be properly disposed of and the space must be restored to its original condition at the end of the allotted reservation time. Failure on the part of the organization or individual reserving the space to properly clean/restore the space to its original condition may result in forfeiture of the security deposit. 

  • Damage to the facility or any furniture/equipment will be billed directly to the organization or individual responsible for space as indicated by the reservation form signature. Any damage is to be reported immediately to a West Side CLT employee. If there is any damage, breakage, theft, breach of communicated time limit or excessive clean up, the amount to cover such occurrence will be retained by management from the $100 security deposit. 

  • If the cost of any damages or clean-up services exceed the $100 security deposit, the client will be billed for the balance. 



The West Side CLT is not responsible for damage to or theft of equipment used or left, including any damages to software by computer viruses. The West Side CLT will notify the event organizer of any equipment left behind and will allow 10 business days for its retrieval. At that time, the items will be disposed of at the discretion of the West Side CLT. 

The West Side CLT reserves the right to revoke permission granted to organizations and individuals for use of the space due to previous event rental conflicts and breach of contract. 


Organizations and individuals who do not fulfill their obligations as enumerated in this policy may be denied future use. A list of these organizations/individuals will be maintained and referenced periodically or as deemed necessary. The West Side Community Land Trust, their employees and the Board of Directors shall not be liable to any group, organization, or person attending a meeting or event held at the People’s Porch. Any group, organization and person, jointly and severally, hereby agrees to, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the West Side Community Land Trust, their employees and the Board of Directors from any and all claims, suits, damages, losses or injuries which they may sustain, or are alleged to have sustained, while using the meeting space.

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