Vision Statement

The vision of the WSCLT is to create communities that embody equity, opportunity, vibrance, and wellness where all may flourish. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide permanently affordable housing with community-centered development in West Charlotte and beyond.

VALUE Statements


We respect each human life equally


We work with- not for


We strengthen one another


We do what we say


We deliver tangible results


Permanently Affordable Housing

The affordability of the land and improvements upon the land for the benefit of the local community now and in perpetuity.

Quality Homes

Facilitate access to land for tenants and homeowners through the construction and rehabilitation of quality housing on the land.

Equitable distribution of resources

Examples may include: co-operative structures, emphasis on local markets, development of appropriate technology, equitable wage structures,affordable leases, educational and apprenticeship programs, and egalitarian work and living situations.

Earth Care

Develop local land use rights on terms which conserve and replenish natural resources, including air, soil, water, and native plant and animal communities.

Creative Placemaking and Culture Bearing

Foster the preservation and expansion of culture and cultural resources from within the service area in building creative and just places.

Community Empowerment

Respect and foster self-determination and community participation in decision making.

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